The purpose of this blog is to help the average person out with understanding basic principles. A lot of concepts related to finance can be very confusing or very intimidating. Saving for retirement, preparing your taxes, creating a budget, investing in the stock market, we hear about these every day, but how many people know enough about them to take advantage or make the most out of their hard earned money. These concepts are not effectively taught in school, so I believe most people do not know as much as they should about these issues. My goal is to shed some light and teach people all the finance principles that they should know. I aim to be as informative as possible, but I will also try to be succinct as to not bore anyone with more information than they need.

My name is Kasey. I have worked as a financial adviser. I have experience in the world of personal finance, insurance, as well as other related fields. I really enjoyed the part where I got to help people understand their finances, but I absolutely hated the sales side of the business. You will actually hear quite a bit from me about how much I am opposed to salesmen in the fiance industry today My goal is to be informative and helpful and offer some free advice to people that might be looking to learn more and understand the finance world better.

In the future I will cover everything from creating a plan for your personal finance, to buying insurance, to investing and saving for retirement. I will cover such topics as interest rates, inflation, the sales side of finance and insurance and what to watch out for, Microsoft Excel and how it can be helpful to the average person, taxes, and many more idea that I already have planned. I truly hope that I can be helpful to people, so please do not be shy in providing feedback.

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